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Business Intelligence

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ITS Web Portal

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Capturing your data is only the first step. You need to be able to access it easily and have the ability to see what you want. The ITS Web Portal is our solution!

BI: About


•Access data at corporation, sector, business unit, and site levels, and by currency
•Management of users and permissions
•Dashboard – At-a-glance graphs, charts, and figures
•Reports – preset & custom report options, over 70 fields
•Report filters, grouping, and graphing
•FBI – freight bill and payment search
•FBR – exception bills requiring client approval
•Tutorial and glossary for reference

BI: Features

Reports By Function

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Finance Reports

•Accrual Report
•Dates Report
•GL Summary Report
•Overpayment Savings Report

Purchasing reports

  • Accessorial Report

  • Costs by Direction

  • Volume by Carrier (By Count)

  • Volume by Carrier (Total Cost)

Logistics Reports

•Costs per LB/Mile/Lane
•Location Report
•Carrier Report
•Misroute Report

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Charts and Graphs

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