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ITS Traffic Systems

Freight Bill Audit and Payment (FAP)

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Freight Bill Audit and Payment


Freight Bills Received

  • Electronic

  • EDI

  • Non-EDI Electronic Files

  • Manual, includes double-blind data entry

  • Emailed PDF

  • Paper

  • Voucher Files

  • File received direct from client

  • Contains all freight bill data

  • Imported directly into ITS system

  • Processed as “Pay as billed”, no audit

  • ITS performs check for duplicates

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Match Program

  • Match files received from clients as payment control and/or to populate data, accrual

  • BOL file - outbound

  • PO file – inbound

  • Bills attempt to match and if they do not, after a set amount of time they are marked as No Match and follow client rules

  • Match file deviation alerts provided

  • Quote amounts - to verify carrier billed amount, can be included in the above or  separate file


Duplicate Checking

  • Exact duplicates cut to zero

  • Possible duplicates on Pro# are reviewed and decisioned by an auditor

  • BOL# duplicates reviewed by an auditor (optional)

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Freight Bill Audit and Payment

Process Continued.....



  • Ensure proper documents, check terms

  • Check carrier billed amount against client’s contract/rates with carrier

  • Audit for freight class and accessorials

  • Automatic business rules are applied

  • Bills can be paid in full, partial paid, cut to zero, or sent to FBR, as per client rules


  • Client resolves bills with discrepancies

  • Client can resolve bills to pay in full, partial pay, or cut to zero

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System Processing

  • GL Rules systematically assign GL Code if GL Code not otherwise populated

  • Freight bill aging is performed (optional) to assign the request for funds week

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Invoice & Payment File

  • Weekly ITS Invoice emailed for freight amount and fees, includes:

  • GL Code Summary

  • Location Summary

  • Freight Detail

  • Optional Payment file available via SAP, JDE, Oracle, etc.

  • After ITS receives bank confirmation of funds from client, ITS issues payment to carriers

  • Payment methods include:

  • ACH/Wire

  • Check

  • Credit Card

  • Payment Register emailed to client with payment # and paid amount

FAP: Projects
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FAP: Welcome

General Services

•Process all modes of freight invoices
Freight bills with validation and back up documents
EDI validation and image receipt, when available
Web portal bill entry for carriers
•Match program on client BOL/PO files
Improves the audit results
Provides additional information in reporting
Allows for accrual reporting, as requested
•Parcel bill account number validation
•Dedicated client services account manager
•In-house IT technical staff for custom programming


•Controls to ensure quality output
•Rate per carrier contracts (tariff-based, point-to-point, etc.)
•Spot quotes to validate carrier moves outside of the contract
•Manual audit to review discrepancies
Compliance to payment (pay, short pay, zero pay)
•Business rules established and reviewed regularly
Includes client exceptions, special data capture, special processing requests, etc.
•FedEx money back guarantee for service failures with 100% of the savings retained by client

Funding / Payment

•Carrier invoice aging

•Accrual reporting – BOL/aging 

•Provide weekly ITS Invoice/Request for Funds

oIncludes carrier summary, fees, GL summary, loc summary

•Payment file customized to client’s format

oFile types include SAP, JDE, etc.

•Register listing payment numbers and amounts

•Issuance of payment and remittance to carriers

•Processing and payment in multiple currencies available

Additional Services

•Web portal access to freight and payment data for client users includes:
Dashboard, FBI, Reports, FBR and training
•Web portal access for carriers includes:
Payment status, payment number, payment date and remit details
•Images available on the ITS Web Portal:
Scanned images of paper bills, optional
Images for EDI, as available from carrier
•Amark Logistics, Inc.
Logistics brokerage sister company under the same ownership

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